As the year started out I set some intentions for what I wanted to achieve in my new chapter. I think it is always good to set personal goals as well as work goals so you know the direction you are heading for. 

Going forward I wanted to create more work that made my heart skip a beat and gave me a buzz again. I love what I do but I also knew there was a pathway I was yet to explore further.

Since having my boys I have been drawn to pregnancy and birth. I love talking about it and I love helping other women and even better I can capture these moments too- Motherhood and all it’s miracles.

In January I posted that I was looking to photograph women who were expecting in the next two months. It allowed me to be creative again adopting a slower pace and having the time to think. 

This is where I met Kimberly. 

I remember before we met I was already excited as Kimberly works in the West End and has the most incredible soprano voice. I love the theatre and not only did I want to hear all about her pregnancy but also her talent!

When I arrived I didn’t pick the camera up for the first hour. We connected straight away and quickly realised we were very similar people. We talked about her role in Pretty Woman, her full time theatre schedule whilst heavily pregnant and her past as a singer and performer. We then talked all about baby and their plans. Kimberly’s birth plans were so similar to that of my own with my boys and it was so lovely to hear about all of her preparations. 

When I eventually picked up the camera the session was magical, Kimberly was glowing, her two little kittens were cuddling around her and Kimberly sang so beautifully to her growing baby girl. During the session I asked Kimberly if she might be interested in having her birth photographed as she wanted to be at home. She was very interested and I showed her my previous birth photography and talked a little bit more about how it would work.

A week or so later we met again to talk it through with Kimberly’s partner David and it was a YES! Because it was so close to due date I was then on call 24/7, phone on loud waiting with anticipation and excitement… 

May 5, 2022

A Home Maternity Photoshoot

Motherhood, Pregnancy