As a first time dad, I was a little sceptical of having anyone at the birth other than my fiancé, myself and the midwife. I wasn’t sure if having a photographer would get in the way. I could not have been more wrong. Maybe it’s just however… because it was Zoe. Zoe is out of this world. Stepping in to help me when I had no clue what I was doing and stepping back so my partner and I could enjoy the magic of child birth. Zoe reads the room so well and while she does this, manages to capture the most beautiful moments. Her eye for special moments is unparalleled and has left us with memories we can look upon and cherish for the rest of our lives. Everybody needs a Zoe. Quite simply, she is special.


I met Zoe by chance through my pregnancy yoga teacher. Zoe was looking for people for maternity photo shoots. I had been feeling low about my body in pregnancy and decided to have some photographs taken with Zoe to do something nice for myself. 

It was the best decision I ever made.

Not only was the photo shoot enjoyable, Zoe made me feel relaxed, comfortable and happy in my own skin. The photographs are incredible and a memory of my time with my bump that I will always treasure. Zoe is an extremely talented photographer and sees beauty in shadows and light when the ordinary eye cannot. When I saw the images, I cried, because I saw myself as truly beautiful for the first time.

There was something special about Zoe’s energy. I absolutely loved her calm influence and she made me instantly feel at ease. We were chatting about her becoming a doula. It was then that Zoe offered to photograph my birth.

I was planning a homebirth at the time and although it was my first pregnancy, I thought that having memories of my birth would be incredible. I had sat and watched countless video and picture montages on YouTube. I never thought I could have the same.

Zoe met my fiancé David and he instantly felt the same way. We knew we wanted Zoe to photograph our birth. From then on, Zoe was on call 24/7 as I was quite close to having my baby.

She kept in contact, changed her life around to fit in with the due date and asked me how I was feeling on a regular basis – I felt like I could really rely on her.

I had wanted a doula but we had never found the right energy. It just happened that Zoe was on her way to become a doula. It felt like fate. Having Zoe at my birth was the best decision I made.

From the moment she arrived, she was part of our sacred team. She worked with my fiancé to always make me feel at ease. 

When the unexpected happened and I had to go into hospital because there were no midwives, Zoe sprung into action helping David. Always by my side, quietly supporting and taking photos. Part of her gift is that I was completely unaware of these being taken!

Moments I remember with Zoe:

Getting out of the car at the hospital in the wind and rain and feeling someone putting their coat over me… (Zoe!)Asking for music and it being played instantly (Zoe!)Getting to hospital and the birth pool was filled, I recall getting in, opening my eyes and seeing the most beautiful sight. Fairy lights, affirmations, oil diffuser and candles decorated the entire room. I opened my eyes to a tranquil haven that felt just like my own home. (Zoe!)

Her doing these things meant that David could focus on supporting me completely and be with my in my birth space. If he needed to step out, Zoe took over with massage and affirmations.

Zoe was with us from the moment we needed her, giving quiet advice, taking the most beautiful photos, videos and going above and beyond to make my birth the most gorgeous experience.

“I got the drug-free and natural birth I wanted and Zoe helped me achieve that.”

It was an emotional, powerful and beautiful experience for all of us. I cannot imagine ever giving birth without Zoe there and I can’t wait to have her with me at my future births 🙂

Zoe has become a true friend and someone I cannot imagine having in my life. I would urge anyone thinking of hiring Zoe to do so – it will be the best decision you make and you’ll be honoured to have this gentle, kind and truly special person at your birth.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kimberly and baby Sunny xxx

May 5, 2022

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