Handmade Hand and Foot castings lovingly made by Elle.

Hey I’m Elle and I am totally bonkers about casting feet and hands! 

The first time I had ever seen solid bronze casts was whilst I was a nanny. The wonderful family I worked for had newborn casts of their boys hands and feet. Wow, they were so stunning! I was absolutely blown away by their beautifully tactile qualities and their intricate details were just incredible. Before we even started our own family we knew we wanted those treasures made of our own. Then we found out we were having twins. It slipped off the priority list for purchases and we were suddenly immersed into buying everything for two!

But once our boys were born we wanted those bronze cast beauties even more! To capture a moment in time to treasure forever. The boys were growing SO quick, changing SO quickly we just wanted to soak up and never forget their baby details.

A family member bought us several diy kits to try and make plaster casts. Not going to lie, the kits were not great and the results were definitely not comparable to the quality I had seen. It was fun having a go but it just wasn’t the same as the baby casts we had seen.

So, as we waded our way through twin parent life my husband announced we should make the bronze casts ourselves, I thought he was joking? Turns out he wasn’t!

And so began months and months of experimenting and trialling out the entire lost wax casting process not to mention several home built furnaces. Yep, you read that right, mental and awesome at the same time right?! He’s a wonder that one, truly.

By the time the boys were seven months old we had made our very first bronze casts, their beautiful little hands. The most precious casts we have ever made.

I’m sad we don’t have teeny tiny newborn casts of our twin boys but I am so thrilled we started this amazing hobby which has turned into SO much more!

We never started this to be a business. We learnt the entire lost wax casting process to make casts just for us, then when family members and friends had babies we made some as gifts for them too. That kick started what is now an absolute OBSESSION with capturing the tiniest, finest most delicate of details in each and every cast we make.

From the moulding sessions through finished casts the entire life casting process is an absolute joy, truly it is.

We now make baby, child and family casts. We offer framed plaster casts and freestanding bronze casts options. 

Baby hand casts and baby feet casts can be made as early as you feel ready and making contact before baby has arrived is always recommended to ensure we can capture the earliest of crinkles, creases and delicious newborn wrinkles. Capturing those newborn days with you is so precious. 

Our sessions take place currently in two locations. Buckinghamshire and London.

TO BOOK YOUR SESSION or find out more head to www.halcyoncasts.co.uk

Call: 07977235199    Email: elle@halcyoncasts.co.uk

Or take a peek at our behind the scenes on Instagram   www.instagram.com/halcyon_casts

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January 11, 2023

Halcyon Casts

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