During the past year I have had the privilege to meet and photograph some wonderful business women. It has been a pleasure to photograph their brands and get a behind the scenes peek at what they do. Some businesses are client facing, some work from home behind closed doors, so why is it important to have professional branding photography done for your business?

A personal branding session helps you to authentically connect with your customers giving them an insight into you, your brand and what makes you passionate about your business. A behind the scenes view of what you create and your working environment can provide your clients with a comprehensive picture of you and what you have to offer, starting a relationship of trust. If a client can see what a treatment looks like or how you work behind the scenes they can start to imagine what it would be like to work with you. This will put your business at the forefront of their mind.

We often choose suppliers or businesses based on recommendations, or because we believe in the ethos/ brand and its core values. If it is a small business we often buy into the person, we find out what they are like, how do they conduct themselves, and ultimately establish if they are the right fit for the job?

I love to work with small, creative businesses capturing their passion and vision. My latest personal branding session was full of life. This particular business woman worked mostly from home, using a computer. There wasn’t a physical item to capture but together we produced a set of images that sit perfectly alongside her brand. For this session it was all about the woman behind the business, what did she like to do in her spare time as well as how she works? We shot different outfits, hairstyles, locations and provided a candid set of images to use on linkedin, social media and her website. You can check out her images in my ‘What to wear to a personal branding session’ blog here. Social media alongside your website can provide a less formal and more sociable way to interact with your clients. You can use the images in reels or alongside your video content to enhance your brand.

Having a varied and structured portfolio of marketing material to use for your brand, keeps the content fresh and new, sometimes providing seasonal images to suit your business.

Why not give your clients a reason to love your small business and the person behind it before they have even met you? If you would like to create new fresh content for your business contact me here. I can’t wait to speak to you!

Zoe 🙂

March 4, 2023

Why a Personal Branding session is great for your business…