When thinking about what to wear for your personal branding session, there are a few elements to consider.

Where is your shoot location?

Will you be inside or outside, what will the background look like? Will you need layers in the cooler months?

What colours work with your brand?

Do you have a theme throughout your branding and website that you would like to include within your photography session?

What colours compliment your skin tones, what are your ‘good colours’?

What are the colours that make you feel good and brighten your complexion. We can change your look by simply adding a different coloured scarf or by including accessories so have a think about the little details as they can make a big difference. I will focus on headshots but there will be opportunity for full length photographs so you can pick dresses, playsuits, skirts as well as some alternative tops.

What to you want to achieve from your shoot?

Do you want to have images to post at different times of the year? Would you like to put your hair up, change lipstick colours etc? If you are aiming to use your images with the seasons we can shoot with this in mind, perhaps wearing different colours to compliment this.

My top tip:

Always wear clothes that make you feel amazing and confident. If you feel great you can portray your most authentic self in your personal branding session. I can help to advise which outfits work best for the location/ background so you can focus on being relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

From funky to sophisticated…A change in clothing and lip colour can simply transform a look!

We can use as many backgrounds as we can utilising our time together.

Personal branding sessions are not only immensely fun they provide a strong portfolio of images reflecting you and your brand, building trust with your clients. To find out why this is important check out my blog ‘Why a personal branding photography session is important for your brand’ here. If you would like to discuss how a personal branding photography session can help your business and brand you can contact me here! I look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,


March 4, 2023

What to wear for a personal branding session…