Doula’s are not medically trained so I will not perform any clinical tasks nor will I give any medical advice or deliver your baby. I will always provide support and guidance helping you in the right direction if other professional help is needed during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. 
Also as your doula my role is not to take over the role of your birth partner, instead I will support them and be their practical aid, freeing them to be present at the birth of your baby, giving you their full love and comfort. 

Your Birth & Postnatal Doula

serving you and your baby

‘Think of it as building your “dream team”. Support, encouragement, strength, knowledge and love from all sides, all working to help you to achieve a positive birth experience.’
Siobhan - The Birth Doula

'to serve'


(spoken doo-la)

What is a doula?

As your doula I will provide emotional, physical and practical support to both you and your birthing partner during your pregnancy, labour and 4th trimester (postnatal period), empowering and giving you the confidence to make informed choices for what is right for you and your baby. Having been through two very different labours myself I feel so strongly about caring for you and your partner during this huge milestone in your lives. I will be there to build your confidence on your own journey to parenthood, whilst providing information as necessary and helping you to navigate the maternity system. 

Please note - this package does not include any photography but can be added should you wish for me to capture your birth for you

The Postnatal doula support can be adjusted to suit your needs but typically starts with 3x 3-hour sessions per week. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

  • A supportive listening ear for any concerns or questions you may have
  • Help with feeding your baby, breastfeeding or bottle
  • Light household tasks (clearing and tidying)
  • Help with your baby allowing you to do something for yourself or to have 1-1 time with your bigger babies
  • Help with those first visits out of the house
  • Prepare meals for you and your family
  • Guide you and give little tips on how to look after your baby when you are alone giving you confidence in your own abilities.

Examples of how I can help as your Postnatal Doula:

As your Postnatal Doula I am there to guide you as a new mother with your transition into motherhood. Providing emotional and physical support I will encourage you through what can sometimes be an overwhelming time as you get to know your baby.

Postnatal Doula Support

Please note - this package does not include any photography but can be added should you wish for me to capture your birth for you

• Complimentary meet and birth chat to explore if I am the right doula for you.
• 2 x 2-hour antenatal sessions in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are primarily to get to know each other, but to also discuss:
  •  Your past experiences with pregnancy, birth and labour. If this is your first pregnancy, any pre-conceptions you may have.
  • Your hopes, wishes, fears and expectations
  • The various pathways to birth
  • What your birthing preferences may be 
  • Support creating a clear and well considered birth plan
  • Ways I can support you and your birthing partner through birth, including relaxation, breathing techniques, massage, aromatherapy oils and various pain management options.
• Email, phone and messaging support throughout pregnancy and for up to four weeks postnatally to answer any questions and offer additional support
• Accompanying you on antenatal appointments at any stage in your pregnancy *by request and additional charges may apply
• On call 10 days before your EDD until your babies arrival
• Continuous emotional and physical support during your birth.
• Help and support for first feed after birth
• Support after the birth until you are settled with your baby
• 1 x 2 hour postnatal visit usually within 10 days of the birth, providing an opportunity to reflect on your experience, ask any questions you may have about yourself or your baby and what to expect in those early weeks.
• Additional visits both antenatally and postnatally upon discussion

As your Birth Doula you can expect:

Birth Doula Support

Would you like me to photograph your birth story? 

“I wanted to say how brilliant the experience was, and more specifically, how you were. We are overjoyed at the photos!"

“I felt so at ease with you so thank you very much for being so fabulous.  I am so super excited to see the pictures!"

“Thank you for taking so many and for doing such a fabulous job, they really are brilliant and you made it such a lovely experience!"

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