Hey! If we have already met you will know I have a huge desire to help, support and nurture other mums during their motherhood journey. My motherhood and newborn sessions create calm, nurturing and intimate photographs of you and your baby, capturing memories to remind you of your resilience, strength, love, excitement and admiration during this incredibly life changing time.

So often we as new mothers hide ourselves away from the cameras expressing that ‘we don’t look ourselves at the moment, we haven’t lost the baby weight or o no, we haven’t put any make up on’. Your babies see you for you, the mum that shows up every day, make up or no make up, giving them every ounce of love as it runs through your your body like you couldn’t imagine.

Your babies will never look back at these photographs in the future and say ‘Mum, you could have lost a few pounds, or maybe you shouldn’t have eaten so much cake while you were pregnant’ they are going to see your connection, your admiration for them and your desperate desire to make time stand still for just a moment longer so you can savour every single minute, never missing a second.

Even in the hard times it is often easy to forget that the joy is literally around the corner with a beautiful smile, an extra hour of spontaneous rest as they sleep in or the moment they say Mum or I love you for the first time. I so wish I could go back and re live some of those earlier days with my babies, to hold them, to feel them and to look in their innocent new eyes once again. Unfortunately we haven’t invented a way to go back in time but we can freeze the moments by capturing these memories. This year my Mother’s day sessions focus solely on your connection, your bond and the love you have for your baby.

I set you a challenge for 2024, to silence the negative chatter and embrace these moments, jump in the photographs no matter what, this is your year!

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January 25, 2024

Why we should Embrace Motherhood: A Journey of Authentic Moments

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